Mission Statement and Objectives

Subsequent to the historical Bonn Agreement and formation of the Interim Administration and the Transitional Government, Afghanistan has emerged as a state adherent to democratic values and striving for enhancement of its security, stability and the rule of law. The people of Afghanistan are determined in partnership with the friendly countries to regain and attain its past   glorious position in the international community. Based on these premises here, the Afghan Embassy in Canberra aims to protect and promote Afghanistan interests and to strengthen relations with the government of Australia. Fostering economic and commercial relations with Australia is an important part of its endeavours. The embassy is also committed to promote bilateral ties with the Australian business, labour, media, cultural, military and education communities.

To achieve its aims, the embassy will ensure to successfully address the following elements:

  • To explain and advocate the position of the Afghan government on bilateral and multilateral political, economic, security and social issues.
  • To encourage Australian businesses to invest in Afghanistan.
  • To expand the trade links between Afghanistan and Australia;
  • To establish and sustain contacts: people to people and promote exchange of students, government officials and military officers;
  • To report to the Afghan government on positions taken by the Australian government and its leaders on issues of concern or interest to Afghanistan.
  • To provide consular services; such as: passport, visa and other documentary services to foreign and Afghan nationals in Australia.
  • To facilitate scientific, cultural, media and educational exchange programs between Australia and Afghanistan.
  • To foster the development of a strong military-to-military relationship between Afghanistan and Australia.