Investing in Afghanistan

Afghanistan, the heart of Asia, is open for business and investment!

Building a strong economy is crucial to Afghanistan's long-term success. The Government of Afghanistan "GoA" is dedicated to creating an investor-friendly business environment. During the past three years, significant improvements have been made in infrastructure, banking, customs, and legal reforms. The GoA has also enacted one of the most liberal investment laws in the region and is committed to offering low taxes and tariffs to promote investment and trade.

Afghanistan is a well-positioned central trading hub. Today, Afghanistan's principal trading partners include Pakistan, India, Korea, China, Japan, Germany, and the UAE. One of the GoA's priorities is to appropriate donor aid being provided by our international partners to promote investment, trade, and the development of the private sector. Most of the major foreign direct investments in Afghanistan are by Afghan entrepreneurs, who have made lucrative careers in telecommunications, IT and other sectors.

The Economic, Trade & Investment Department of the Embassy of Afghanistan in Canberra, is your link to investing and doing business in Afghanistan. We are able to provide you with resources, answer your questions, and refer you to relevant organizations and companies. A resourceful website through which you could access various trade and investment related information is:

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