Afghan Investment Law

The Afghan High Commission for Investment (HCI) has established a Technical Commission in order to facilitate and streamline private investment. 

The Technical Commission of National & Foreign Private Investment in Afghanistan has the pleasure to present the list of necessary document prior to the registration of a foreign company in Afghanistan and request for an Investment Licence. 

Some of the documents which are essential for obtaining a Trade/investment (Import- Export) Licence in Afghanistan are as follows: 

  • The Original copy of the application form of Investment Licence, signed by the competent authority of the company. 
  • The original copy of statement of incorporation and bylaws of the company and the registration number of the company in the country of origin. 
  • The original transcript of Criminal Record for the President & Vice President of the company. To be certified by the by the Afghan Embassy. 
  • Three passport-sized photographs of the President & Vice President of the company. 
  • A copy of the Director(s) passport.
  • The Company's bank account references in the country of origin and in Afghanistan (if any). To be certified by the Afghan Embassy.
  • An official letter of introduction by the Embassy of the home country of the company in Kabul to the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Registration of the firm at the Economic Department of the Afghan Foreign Affairs. (Please contact the Embassy in relation to registration) 
  • A completed investment application with a copy of the investment project including feasibility studies (if any).  

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